Global Geopark – How Can It Help You

While all UNESCO Global Geoparks aim for proper cooperation with local people, as well as the local stakeholders in the area or that of those internationally through global and regional networks, there is no end to where the possibility of providing a helping hand can go.

Individuals from all over the world can help by forming a community together with every individual working with UNESCO, to help people across borders, as well as offering and sharing expertise, your knowledge and best possible practices to increase a mutual understanding between all parties involved.

It allows for a global process, which enables the organisation to build peach inside of many men and women’s hearts. It not only provides them with peace but also gives them a sense of moving forward, which is one of the biggest things people feed off.


How to Get Involved

It doesn’t matter where you’re situated in the world; there are a few UNESCO Geoparks to volunteer at globally.

You could offer to volunteer and help children participate in all types of entertaining and cultural activities, as well as interact with women and men who have come out of bad circumstances, such as poverty or violence.

When it comes to the lifestyle of Geopark, it provides one that is sustainable and can play a significant role in the activities of locals. It thus also offers educational methods, which depends on one making use of local presenters, brochures, posters, visual aids, as well as panels and guide books.

Some UNESCO facilities, especially those who provide their services internationally, are situated in the Middle East, where they provide the locals with innovative ways to express themselves and some works with the initiative to support women by allowing them the opportunity to support themselves.

They are thus encouraged to make handicrafts, which not only allows women to feel independent and strong but also allows them to create something beautiful and appreciative towards women/

Most women in the Middle East, for instance, aren’t allowed to express their feelings, and that is why this initiative is great for them to stand on their own two feet, instead of their parents choosing their entire career and life for them.

The Goals of Sustainable Development with the Help of UNESCO

  • UNESCO aims to reduce disaster risk reduction to end poverty and ultimately help sustain development.
  • They ensure cities are safer, more resilient and reliable to live in, regarding employment opportunities.
  • They ensure the sustainable consumption.
  • They ensure that there is gender-equality present, to inspire and push women to stand on their own two feet and break out of any negative situation they might find themselves in currently or in the future. It ultimately prepares women on how to respond to men.