Post GGN2016 Tours

After attending GGN2016, take the opportunity to stay in the UK for a few more days and Explore!

Whether you're interested in visiting other UNESCO Global Geoparks in the United Kingdom, or seeing more of the UNESCO designated sites in the South West of England, there are plenty of reasons to stay a few extra days and explore after the conference. If you select either of these options when you register for GGN2016, our partners will contact you will details of the exclusive tours on offer and prices. 

UK UNESCO Global Geopark Post Conference Trips


The network of UK UNESCO Global Geoparks offer you the opportunity to explore a range of landscapes, geology and local communities. If you select this box during on-line registration, the Geoparks will be in touch with more information about the post-conference tours they will offer including recommended travel arrangements and costs of each tour. For more information click here on on the image above. 

South West England benefits from more UNESCO recognised sites than any other part of the UK. After the conference you could explore the famous megaliths of Stonehenge and nearby Neolithic sites, Cornish mining heritage, and the Dorset and East Devon Coast that offers an outstanding combination of globally significant geological and geomorphological features. Click here or on the image above to find out more. 

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